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Our program, by design, with its focus on athletic form and fundamentals, is unique.  With our limited class size, children ages five and up receive very individualized training. 

Workouts are divided into two sections.  Which section is done first varies between workouts.  Time spent on machines, order of machines, and running types also vary between workout sessions.

SAMPLE Workout:


SECTION 1: Half of the workout time is spent in our “Core Training” area.  In there athletes will work at a variety of stations focusing on breathing, balance, core strength, explosive movement, and fast twitch muscle development. Light weight and high reps make for long lean muscle. All athletes move from station to station at the same pace, making three rounds on the 10 stations.


SECTION 2:  Half of the workout will be spent in our “Speed and Endurance Training” area.  In there, athletes will learn proper breathing, running and sprinting techniques, and linear and lateral movement techniques.  Focus is on form, speed, and endurance.  A variety of tools are utilized to assist athletes in improving.  Free-Sprints, The “Bull”, and Kbands are just a few of the tools used in a variety of combinations to maximize results.

Happy side note about this video.  When we put a shout out to see what athletes could be available to be in it, so many replied that we couldn't leave any of them out. 



Where the focus on athletic form and fundamentals gives all athletes
An Unfair Advantage
Running form and Breathing Techniques
Strength and Endurance
Increased Confidence and Leadership

Each one hour training session gets you closer to your goal of becoming the ultimate athlete



What else sets us apart?  Our staff is focused on the athlete.  Shannon Morse has been doing all of her training at the Speed attic and has been training athletes for over 6 years.  That equates to more than 10,000 hours focusing on athletes and how to get each athlete to perform at their best.  Guy Morse has been training and has been training athletes for more than 3 years. In that time, he has become an EXPERT in running form and combine prep in addition to all of the other training we do.  Our older athletes that have been training with us are always assisting with classes.  Our training facility is a family and our athletes push each other to be their best.  It is an EXCELLENT environment for training. 

Note that we always refer to the athletes as "our" athletes.  We take great pride in each and every minute that we spend with each of them and what part we get to have in their athletic successes. 



Our athletes are big and small...short and tall...they are as young as 5 and as old as, well, let's just say they are old.  Our athletes all start in some varying state of athleticism.    From proper foot placement, run form, and breathing techniques, to jumping rope, burpees, ladders, and pullups, to increasing their self-confidence and leadership skills, we have developed a reputation for training the WHOLE athlete.

Our philosophy for training will always be to give EVERY athlete a chance to be their best. Not just the ones their teachers and/or coaches want to take time with...EVERY athlete.  

Recently a parent wrote: "I blog for kids like XXXXX and my experience. As a teacher and mother, I've been able to reach out to families that haven't spoken about what they are going through. I know XXXXX has only been going there a few times, but he is in such a better place and would go there everyday if he could. I can't wait to see what kind of athlete he will become and a better person he will continue to become. Your program helps so many people, but kids with ADHD thrive on exercise and it puts them in the path to succeed. Too often, parents shy away from putting their kids in organized sports for the fear of what they do. When in reality, structure, training, and being pushed beyond and knowing they can do hard things will push them to be better. Honestly, all kids need a program that you offer. Providing structure, exercise, coaching, and knowing they can do it. You have no idea what your program is doing for XXXX. My blog is called if you want to see the beginning of his journey. My next one will be up Thursday speaking to XXXX's last few weeks where he voiced his plan to end his life at 8. Scary, he thought he couldn't do anything. He wants to be the best football player there is and he says I can't think like everyone else and they all hate me because I'm dumb. Hard, especially since he's been on therapy for years. I can't say it enough, programs like yours and therapy for kids like XXXXX saves them. Sorry for all the info but I can't stress enough. We are paving a way in our community that it's ok for kids to be different and with hard work, they can achieve all."


I have been weight training for three years and never gained the speed or the jump I obtained after only two months of training at The Speed Attic"




Historically our athletes's parents fall into two categories:

1) They love The Speed Attic and the results they see in their son/daughter and they tell EVERYONE


2) They love The Speed Attic and the results they see in their son/daughter and they tell NOONE, because of the competitive advantage that their son/daughter will have over their competitors.


"Thank you for letting my son try this out tonight. He came home and is extremely excited to come back again. He says he wants to come every day! Seriously, I haven't seen him so excited about something!"
Speed Attic is addicting Rachael has increase her speed not only in her pitching but her running and is so much stronger ! Thank you coaches Shannon,Guy, Eric the whole Wolf Pack gang!  You guys all rock!



My kids can't get enough!!! This place is so fun, and my 7 year old keeps showing off his abs. My older son was a very slow runner last season in baseball, and the change in his speed and the way that he carries himself is crazy. It's more than we expected. We look forward to every time go. I highly recommend to all kids of all ages!!



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